Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Santiago Day 4

Dear Blog Readers

October 26, 2010

Santiago - Spain

Had a really quiet day today in Santiago.  Rick finally got to visit the statue of St. James, this we did before breakfast this moring, by 9: 15 a.m. as by 9:30 a.m. the line up is around the corner.  Rick also got to sneak his rock from home into the church and left it at the top of the stairs near the back of St. James´statue.  Rick also got a more leisurely walk through the Cathedral without the throngs of people.

All the rocks I hid, near the entrance doorway, which is now closed until it is repaired for the Pope´s visit, have disappeared - oh, well - they were placed and a pray was said for each person.

Took a long walk around the city today, visited a lovely park and stopped for hot chocolate at a café.  Got back to the hotel and had a ´siesta´sleep, just like the Spaniards - got up and went for late lunch.

After lunch I sat out in the square and people watched!  Lots of pilgrims still coming into the city each hour of each day - it is now my turn to watch their reactions.  Heart warming to see the range of emotions.

Took a walk to the other side of the hotel and back up to the square again.  A really lovely down day.

Tomorrow we leave for Madrid by train - we will be there for two day before heading home to Canada.  Don´t know if I will get to post another blog - but will be in touch when I get home to answer any questions you may have about the whole experience.

Blessing from Santiago,

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  1. Yasmin, I'm so happy for you! And very glad that the Camino did not tell you to stay and work on a farm!!! Can't wait to see all your photos. Safe trip home.