Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 19 - Past Half Way!!!!

Monday October 4, 2010 
Day 19 on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
Calzadilla de la Cueza to Sahagún
Dear Blog Readers,

Miss breakfast at the Monasterio - the taxi from yesterday, arrive at 8 a.m. one hour before the appointed time so takes us back to Calzadilla de la Cueza.  
It is sunny but windy again today.  Have toast (white bread again), jam and tea in Calzadilla - the only restaurant/hostel in the village.  Lots of pilgrims are here again, having breakfast and then leaving for the day’s walk.
Leave close to 9 a.m. to trek to Sahagún, across another Meseta and into small hamlets.  Trek winds across beautiful scenery and in one area hugs a secondary roadway again for several kms.  At a hamlet called Terradillos do los Templarios, pass an Albergue, which states it stands on the half way point of the Camino. Hurray - crossed the half way point! 
Here is where the last Knight´s Templar is said to have been dragged from his home by King Philip ll of Spain - tortured and murdered after the King stole all his riches - this raid was sanctioned by the church in Rome.
Rick and I stop for lunch and celebrate with Marcella and the 3 Japanese men, who cross the half way marker with us.
No rain but it is a longer trek - as Sahagún comes into view the trek goes off for about 1 km so pilgrims can cross a old Medieval bridge.
Arrive at 3 p.m.  Trek 22.5 kms.  Completed 412.5 kms. in 19 days - only 375.5 kms. to Santiago.
Blessings from the Camino,
My personal thoughts for today - Can hardly believe I’ve crossed the half way point.  At the start of the trek, wrapping my head around such a thought was next to impossible, however here I am, half way to Santiago.  No problems, no blisters, and in good health - I am blessed!


  1. I believe the Knights Templar stole all the riches they had after murdering so many innocent people during The Crusades while plundering the wealth across the Holy land :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your walk with us, love reading, feel like were there with you!!!!
    YOU GO GIRL !!!!