Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 25

Monday October 11, 2010
Day 25 on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
Molinaseca to Ponferrada
Dear Blog Readers,

Well, after the epic day of walking yesterday, take it easy today, even though I feel great and the feet, legs and body are holding up just wonderfully.  Sleep in to 8 a.m. Have breakfast (the usual) and set off for Ponferrada, 8 kms. away.  There is a Knights’ Templar Castle in the city I want to visit - it has been restored after being burnt with all the Templars inside.  Not much along the path, surprised to see vineyards here in this region of the mountains.  Scenery is very like British Columbia, vineyards along the side of the mountains, where I presume they get the most of the limited sun.  Maybe a bit of micro climate area. Step over many Maple Leafs on the Camino.  Make it into the city only to learn it is Monday and the Templar´s Castle is closed on Mondays and won´t be open until 11 a.m. Tuesday - long after I´m on the road again.
Stop to have a hot chocolate and take a photo of what pilgrims do best on the Camino - have a coke! Visit the Basilica instead and wonder a bit about the Catholic religion - Rome issued the orders to kill all the Templars and take their wealth, and here in the Basilica all the crosses are Templars (even the Masons’ symbols are on the floor at the entrance) and a statue of Mary Magdalene is at the feet of the crucified Christ - guess Church uses the symbols  to their advantage when money is the name of the game - remember it is church that titled Mary Mag. a prostitute!
It is a national holiday tomorrow, Tuesday, so we get some supplies at the supermarket and take a cab back to Molinaseca and the hotel.  Invite Lulu and Joan to have dinner at the hotel tonight.  We are all feeling like chicken in lieu of Thanksgiving turkey.
Trek only 8 kms. today.  Off to Villafranca tomorrow, 23 kms. away. Almost down to the last 200 kms. to Santiago.

Blessings from the Camino,
My personal thoughts for today - As a Catholic, I am truly puzzled at the Catholic Church - their preaching of the interpretation of the Bible seems to go out of the door here in Spain - it is do as I say not as I do!  I have discovered over the years I’m becoming more spiritual, than religious. 

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