Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Off to Madrid

Dear Blog Readers
October 27, 2010
Leaving Santiago for Madrid
Woke up and had a leisurely breakfast, check emails and packed to leave Santiago.  A little nostalgic that the journey is about to be over.
Met two interesting American priests at the hotel´s computer room, one served in the armed forces. Both is street clothes.  Some interesting insights about the Camino and the mass for pilgrims at the Cathedral.  They were both off to serve during the noon mass on the altar at the Cathedral - pays to be a priest in Santiago.
Took a cab to the train station at noon - train to Madrid is at 1:55 p.m.  We get off okay and could not see any of the Camino as the train took a southern route, not towards the east.  A few pilgrims on the train - some of the Spaniards are going home.  One Washington State woman is going to Madrid to meet her husband and have a mini vacation after her trek.
Train trip took 7 hours to get to Madrid.  Two hours out at a stop, the train went into reverse and we travelled the next two hours going backwards at high speed - by now it was pitch dark and we could not see anything outside.  Stopped the purser to ask if this was normal - ´yes´he said and we went all the way to Madrid, backwards - in the dark - not a very nice feeling as we were all tired.
Got to Madrid besides the fact we got there back first.  At the hotel now and off to see two museums tomorrow - one is about 45 mins away so we´ll put our feet to work - should be there in no time after the kms on the Camino.
Blessings from Madrid,

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