Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 3 - Santiago

Dear Blog Readers

October 25, 2010

Day 3 in Santiago

Woke up early to blue sky and sunshine - yeah Galicia, another a blessed day in the rainest part of Spain.  Have breakfast and head out to do some shopping.

We don´t get very far in the square outside our hotel which is the front of the Cathedral - and many of you blog readers will be happy to learn we run into the 4 Korean ladies (remember, they would stop and eat soup every hour or so on the Camino!) - well it is like home week, there is screaming and hugging and everyone chatting at the same time - wow, Henning and Barbara join in (this is a couple who we met several times in hotels along the way) they now live in France, he is German and she is French - most elegant woman on the Camino - anyway they had also walked with the Korean ladies, so more hugging and lots of photos.

Finally say good byes and away we go to find a store to ´spend money´!  Run into more people we´d met on the Camino - but continue to find the store - yeah success, I get new pants, blouse, scarf and shoes - I´ll need these as we are off to dinner with Henning and Barbara, didn´t want to wear the same outfit I´ve been wearing for the last 40 plus days.

On the way back we run into Matilda, the young girl who looks like Julia Roberts, she is not going home to Germany - Camino showed her she should stay in Spain and work on a farm - OKAY! - oh, to be young again and have the world by the tail.  Also run into Duras (Doris) I´d walked with her for part of the Camino and it is lovely to see she made it to Santiago.  More hugs and chatter.

Did some souvenir shopping again today - don´t know where I will put stuff as we only travelled with our knapsacks - one more day in Santiago and then the fast train to Madrid.  I´ll continue to send blogs until I leave to travel home on Saturday October 30th.

It is early evening and will now go and get dressed for late, late dinner - 8:30 p.m. with Henning and Barbara.  Enjoying seeing all those from the Camino - the square is filled with pilgrims coming in everyday - plus hundreds of tourists - it is the Holy Year after all.

Thanks for being a part of my Camino,
Blessings from Santiago -


  1. Hi Yasmin, ¡¡¡YOU MADE IT!!!
    A GREAT pity you were not lucky with the Pilgrim Mass.It's actually THEN when you miss the quiet days of the Camino, Nature enveloping you and you yearn for only a bit of silence...which you'll only recover on the flight back home...Then, during the days to come, you'll only THEN grasp the whole meaning of your achievement: the spirit of the Camino and its teachings. It'll come like in little drops, little by little and your life will not be the same after the Camino. There's something very deep in you that keeps you living and re-living everything again, each time you recall it.
    A great pity as well that no Canadians were mentioned...A GREAT PITY!!!Don't take it too serious: what matters is that you MADE IT and you got your "Compostela".
    I'll travel home to Germany tomorrow and will stay there for some days and then 4NOV fly back via Santiago to see the Pope 6NOV and then I'll take the train back here, to Pamplona, on 7NOV (an 11-hour ride on the train for almost 780 km...). I'll see the Pope at the airport, not in downtown Santiago (which will be unbelievably crammed.
    T's been nice to have blogged with you,

  2. Hi from London.
    Thanks so much for sharing your Camino with me. A blessing that will stay with me forever.
    See you at home next week