Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 17.

Saturday October 2, 2010
Day 17 on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
Fromista to Carrion de Los Condes
Dear Blog Readers,

I wake up this morning and open the window of the hotel room - it looks onto a square with a lovely 16th Century church - the morning star is overhead and the sky is showing the first streaks of dawn in the distance.  A pilgrim from the Albergue next door sits in the square with arms raise saying a silent prayer, a wonderful sight.  So many pilgrims are on this trek looking for answers to questions on ´life´- I feel really blessed to have chosen to do this at this time.
Have toast, jam and tea for breakfast at the hotel.  I´ve eaten more white bread in the last 17 days than I´ve done in the last 10 years in Canada - gosh the Spaniards love white bread, not a whole wheat or grain bread in sight.
Leave the town around 8:40 a.m. This is a short day only 19 kms.  The Camino is well marked and is along a secondary country road for the whole trek to Carrion de los Condos.  The way is very flat with no big climbs.  Find myself walking 5 kms. per hour and I´m not going too fast.  Pass rolling hills and plough hay fields - pass the first corn field today - turnips yesterday and corn today, however not many vegetables on your plate during meals. Have I mention that the Spaniards not MacDonalds invented french fries - no matter what you order it comes with french fries - they are good, but like white bread I´ve eaten more french fries in the last 17 days than I have in the last 10 years at home.  Walk through a few hamlets, closed up tight - even the church doors are closed - it is Saturday don´t know where everyone has gone.  See the town up ahead in the distance.  Staying at a 16th Century Monastery converted into a first class hotel with a museum I must visit - my room is in the cloister section - it is wonderful, looks down on the enclosed courtyard, where you cannot go - lots of laundry to do as I didn´t do any yesterday, thinking this is a bigger town and there must be a laundromat somewhere, no such luck, so must now do double the washing - no hangers that will remove from the closet, so I´m hanging things on the open window, a sock sails out in the wind and falls in the garden - yikes must sneak in and retrieve.
Again no hotels ahead so will stay at the Monastery two nights as only an Albergue after the 20 kms walk tomorrow.  Will get a taxi back to Carrion de Los Condos and sleep here tomorrow night, taking the taxi back to where I stop the previous day and walk to the next town, 26 kms away.  Will not take a rest or day off until I get to Léon which is two days away.
Thanks again for all the comments, Richa sends them to me since I cannot access my own blog from Spain, they still think I´m someone trying to break into my own account, so have been sending my daily blogs to Richa to post to you.  Hopefully she´s been checking for spelling mistakes, sometimes the internet café is so filled with smoke and smokers my eyes water and I smell yucky by the time I leave.  Sometimes the hotels have internet and I blog from there. 
Arrive in town at 1:40 p.m. and grab some lunch.  Now will get an early night.

Blessings from the Camino,
My personal thoughts for today - Tonight I’m sleeping in an old Monasterio de San Zollo.  There is a beautiful carved ceiling in the Renaissance cloister.  You can’t help but appreciate the history of places like these along the Camino.


  1. The answers to life are within. A pure heart and an open, clean mind is the key to realizing what is.

  2. Hello Yasmin, Great to hear you are enjoying your experience. All the best from Canada, and we will see you upon your return.


    Paul Tsang