Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 20!

Tuesday October 5, 2010
Day 20 on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
Sahagún to El Burgo Ranero
Dear Blog Readers,

First of all - Happy Birthday to my sister, Linda - Tony please let her know I´m okay and doing well, I know she has been worried about me and this trek.
Today is another day on the Meseta - I cannot understand why many pilgrims take buses to bypass these area on the Camino.  Most say the areas are too flat and boring - I find it wonderful to stare across the plough fields and see nothing but sky and rolling fields.  Just awe inspiring as far as I´m concerned and I´m glad I did not let other pilgrims talk me into skipping the Mesetas.
No big climbs today, just a steady up to the plateaus and more fields as far as the eyes can see.  Chilly and no sun for some time, but thank goodness, no rain.
Mind boggling to see the scope of development on the Mesetas as the Spanish Government expands the fast train from Madrid to León.  Wow, talk about mega project - for about 17 kms in the distance or close up, are giant trucks like to see at the mines in Canada, hauling terra cotta red dirt from one location to another to build the bridges and over-passes for the trains.  It is just jaw dropping.
Make it to El Burgos del Ranchero at small hamlet, not much to photograph - one of the Japanese men (the singer) is ill - picked up a stomach bug. Matilda, is at the Albergue here, she has a sore hip.  Lulu and Joan are here too. 
We will have to pick up the pace. The Camino will leave the Mesetas behind and  pilgrims must climb glacier mountains to reach Santiago.  Places to stay continue to be difficult to find - so will have to trek longer between hamlets and towns.  León tomorrow after trekking 8 days without a rest - may not stop to rest again until Santiago.  Will have to see how I feel.  The feet and body are holding up well, cannot complain - lots of pilgrims are hurting, with bloody blisters, and other ailments. Keeping my fingers crossed.  Trek today 17 kms.  Arrived at 1 p.m.    
Take care all - Blessings from the Camino,
My personal thoughts for today - Meet a young man from Latvia on the walk out of Sahagún.  He has walked all the way from his home, by the time he makes it to Santiago he would have been walking for 5 months. There are so many stories on the Camino - seems like everyone is walking the path, searching for answers!  Like yesterday, meeting Matilda, an 18 year old from Switzerland, walking alone, trying to decides her future, asking for advice from the Camino.  By the way, Rick thinks she is a dead ringer for Julia Roberts so we tease her about researching her next movie disguised as a pilgrim. 


  1. Thanks for reminding me that today is Linda's birthday. I will convey your message. I give her daily updates so she is less worried about your health and well being. Stay well and keep on trekking!

  2. Hi Yasmin,
    I've just read about what you said about the Castillian Meseta: JUST MY THOUGHTS!! I've NEVER understood (and have said so in my report) that so many pilgrims cheat the Meseta and drive to León by bus...This long stretch along the Meseta is one of the most beautiful treks of the Camino!!! It's just YOU, your rhythm and your boots that walk and the rest is getting enveloped from this plain countryside, as your spirit is completely freed from any butting-in outer influence. It's usually here where you have the most amazing experiences.
    BEFORE you go "climbing" again: I want to recommend a special rhythm to you so as to get to the top without getting out of breath. I'm a trained mountaineer and have climbed almost all Pyreneean peaks (up to 3000m) and what we do when we climb a steep trail is: gather a special

    1- right foot out = breathe IN
    2- left foot out = breathe OUT
    and this in quite a SLOW way until you notice that your pace and your respiration have become ONE, then you go on, without altering the alternation between pace and respiration, but without thinking any longer about it.

    In case the hill is very steep:
    1- right foot out = 2 quick IN-breathings,
    2- left foot out = 2 quick OUT-breathings.

    Another very helpful advice is: when the trail is steep and the top high up: DON'T LOOK AT THE TOP, LOOK at your boots (see whether you find a small pebble with a Cross on it [I've found 2!on the Camino] This way you get to the top with a completely normal respiration and NOT TIRED AT ALL!!

    Hope to have been of some help (it's helped me!!),

  3. Yasmin, we have made a link from our Camino Buddies site to yours. We hope to support your call for books and to raise awareness of the Camino. Thanks for your posts and all that you are doing.