Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 29

Friday October 15, 2010
Day 29 on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
Alto do Poio to Samos
Dear Blog Readers,

Did I mention in the previous blog that Alto do Poio was cold - well, I froze last night as there was absolutely no heat at the hotel - stayed in one spot on the narrow bed and dared not more for fear the chill in the room would get under the thin sheets. The tip of my nose froze as I did not want to put my face under the covers - if I don´t get ill from this night on the Camino - I should be okay for the rest of the trek.  My dreams are filled with a mommy polar bear and her cub whom I feed shaved ice to - can you tell what was happening to my poor body and mind to bring on such dreams!
For the first time on the Camino, I dress without showering.  My toes curl on the chilly tiled floor.  We hurry out of the hotel after just a cup of tea - it is dark and we use the lights gifted by friends (thanks Ron and Linda). It is 8 a.m. but the raising sun to the east gives a golden promise.
The path is downhill, but filled with large rocks and cow droppings.  As I gingerly make my way through, as if to offer a reward, tiny purple crocuses line the Camino.  It is again tip-toe through the hamlets - with the thought of having to wash the bottom of my boots as soon as I get to the hotel.
First two hamlets have no café open for breakfast - but finally there is a most clean and wonderful place for a hot chocolate and ham sandwich.
The Camino continues through the forests and on the roadway for some kms.  Again it is slow going for most of the way. Must take an alternate Camino route on the left, as the town ahead has no hotel rooms available - I think there is another festival this weekend. Arrive at Samos around 3 p.m. It is another long day for a short trek of 20 kms.  At this point there are only 129 kms left - about 5 days if all goes well, to Santiago.  Cannot believe it is almost over. Take a photo of my aching feet - veins are pulsating.

Blessings from the Camino,
My personal thoughts for today - Samos has a large Monestary so I´ll get my unwashed body showered - yeah, and get over there to get some photos.  The standing joke on the Camino is - what do pilgrims do when they get where they are going for the day?  The answer - they walk!

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