Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 34

Wednesday October 20, 2010
Day 34 on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela
Melide to Arzua
Dear Blog Readers,

In the bathroom this morning I find out quite by accident, after I see a knob on the cold heater and I turn it to on and voila, heat - that we are responsible for getting the heat in our room by turning on the silly little knob at the wall heater - dah!  We have been freezing our butts off for the last three nights, with me even sleeping in my fleece clothes and all the time we could have been toasty warm - now I´m looking for the knob at each hotel over the next two days.
Leave the hotel by 8:15 a.m. after a quick croissant, with butter, jam and hot tea. The sunrise is peeking over the mountain to the east but there are still stars overhead.  Morning is chilly and full of mist again.
Yet another day of ups and downs again, up mountains and down into valleys.  A day of beautiful scenery.  More naked indio trees - actually Eucalyptus trees planted by Franco after he destroyed the oak trees - however, the eucalyptus has become a very invasive tree to the area - so from the locals point of view, another dark mark on the Franco years!
I have a fond memory today for E.B. White´s story, Charlotte´s Web - as thousands of tiny spiders launch into the unknown - all us pilgrims see are floating silver threads sailing by - once in a while you can walk through one strand strung across two branches - I have discovered these tiny insects have a ‘big bite’.  I have the spot to prove it after I walk into a thread and the spider got attached to my jacket - ‘attack the monster’ who is holding me hostage!.  We do not encounter as many weekend pilgrims today on the Camino - don´t know where they are.  Pilgrim must walk the last 100 kms into Santiago without taking rides to get a pilgrim’s certificate.  But, in each hamlet, there are many transports waiting, which means a lot of people may not playing by the rules - opps, cannot judge!
Arrive in ArzĂșa by 12:30 a.m. - get the washing done, hopefully the finally wash day before Santiago - will take a rest this afternoon.  My Penticton friend Roberta, who was going to walk the Camino with me but broke her ankle a few months before the start of the trek, and could not go with me. Instead she has had a lovely rest in Paris and has just drove all the way from Paris to ArzĂșa.  She has arrived at our hotel, as I’m writing my blog.  Tomorrow, she will drive to Santiago and wait for us.  As you know my husband, Rick, took her place and has been my trekking partner for all the Camino.  After seeing some of the mountains we had to climb he’s been lugging my backpack, while sending his forward on the transport.  He has also been my private travel agent, booking hotels ahead each night. Yeah Rick!  Excuse me, now I´m off to celebrate a little with my hubby and my best friend.   just 19 kms. tomorrow and the final 20 kms. on Friday into Santiago.

Blessing from the Camino -
My personal thoughts for today - I had a good laugh today when I saw a Sponge Bob tee-shirt in a store window, and I took a photo for my grandson, Eben, a huge fan of ‘boba esponga’ as the Spaniards say.  My laugh was because even the character Sponge Bob was a pilgrim holding a walking stick, trekking the Camino.  Must purchase a tee for Eben, he too will find it funny. 

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  1. Wow, the finish line is in sight and you have company the rest of the way. I am wondering if life gets any better than that, to set goals and accomplish them in the warmth of family and friends. Best of health and smooth sailing to Santiago!